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Tomb Raider

Action adventure


Diablo Action RPG 05-10-2002

Simon the Sorcerer II Adventure 11-30-2001

Indiana Jones IV and The Fate of Atlantis Adventure 10-07-2001

Broken Sword Adventure 05-18-2001

Descent Action 02-20-2001

Lands of Lore - Throne of Chaos Role-playing game Year 2000

Baldur's Gate Role-playing game Year 2000

Warcraft II - Tides of Darkness Strategy Year 2000

Civilization Strategy Year 2000

Maniac Mansion II - Day of the Tentacle Adventure Year 2000

Populous Strategy Year 2000

Dune 2 Strategy Year 2000

Ultima Underworld Role-playing game Year 2000

The Secret of Monkey Island
Year 2000