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Maniac Mansion 2 - Day of the Tentacle
Purple tentacleIn retrospect, it had to be called the year of the tentacle: in 1993, thousands of people filed into computer stores only to leave them happily with a green box tucked beneath their arm a few moments later. At home, after the recently acquired game had finally been installed, the tentacle fever broke out and took hold of the gamers' minds. Reports of chronic laugh attacks and lack of sleep made the rounds. What Purple tentacle hadn't achieved in the game, inevidently seemed to take shape in real life...
Crazy story:
Disaster strikes...That's what occurred back in 1993. Or at least almost. The second installment of LucasArts' ingenious Maniac Mansion set once more a benchmark with regard to story, gameplay and innvovative game design. Critics and gamers alike were delighted. The intro alone probably would have sufficed to establish the popularity of Day of the Tentacle. It told the story of Purple tentacle who, after a refreshing drink from industrial waste, turned into a megalomaniac tentacle with dictatorial ambitions, aspiring nothing less than to rule the world. His friend, Green tentacle, wrote a letter to his old friends Bernard, Laverne and Hoagie, asking them to return to the Maniac Mansion and correct the mishap. Having arrived at the mansion, they set out to thwart Purple's plans together with Dr Fred. With the help of modified outhouses, the three travelled through time in order to change the present...
Getting crazier still:
The "heroes"What happened then, has long since gone down into the annals of adventure gaming. While Hoagie righted the wrongs in the past and encountered such illustrious figures of American history such as Benjamin Franklin, George Washington or Thomas Jefferson, Bernard remained in the present and had to deal, among other things, with a mummified Dr Fred. Laverne, who had stranded in the future, was at first out of the action, since the time travel had left her stuck on top of a tree. To solve the problem, Hoagie had to coax President Washington in the past into felling the cherry tree in front of the house, making it disappear in the future. Besides this, the three could send items through the time by using the outhouse-turned time machine. Even a freezer played an important role in the course of the game: by putting a hamster into it, you could send the cute animal through the time and, having arrived at its destination, thaw it in a microwave (one of the best puzzles in the game, if you ask me). It was above all this interweaving of locations and riddles that marked the game's exceptional quality.

In 1993

very high


any time ;)

Low budget

Monkey Isl.
What made it crazy:
Famous AmericansThe three succeeded, of course, in stopping Purple tentacle from taking over the world in a hair-raising showdown. However, many thought the adventure a bit too short - after a few days of intense puzzling, the extro appeared on the screen. Fortunately, it was the only point for criticism in this otherwise superb program. In particular, the psychedelic and wonderfully animated graphics as well as the nice soundtrack (one of the first to feature speech) were of first-rate quality. In addition, you could even play the classic Maniac Mansion as a stand-alone game within the game. Despite the success of Day of the Tentacle (it dominated the sales charts for months), it's "only" one game in a series of great LucasArts adventures: for more info, see softography of Monkey Island.
The crazy heads behind all this:
Day of the Tentacle was developed by Dave Grossman and Tim Schafer. The latter has earned his merits as a long-standing LucasArts employee in the field of adventure gaming. Games like Monkey Island 3, Grim Fandango as well as the unconventional Full Throttle are based on his ideas. Schafer left the company only recently to search for new challenges. Whether the planned Monkey Island 4 will be developed by him, remains to be seen.
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