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Splinter Cell
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Name: Christoph Euting (CE)
Country: Germany
Age: 27 years
Nicknames: Renegade, Dem Fred sein Vadder

Articles for other magazines:
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About this site:
Originally, I created as a product of innocent HTML fantasies back in 1999, and that's exactly what the site's design looked like. But it didn't matter at that time, of course. By mid-2000, I started to invest ever more time into the project. Since then, the page has been continuously updated and re-designed - I hope towards the better...

What has remained unchanged, however, is my intention to write about the games and classics that interest(ed) me and kept me glued to the screen for hours uncounted. Being the only webmaster, I'm well aware of the fact that I cannot compete with professional online mags or always present brand-new games, but after all I'm doing this for the pure fun of it. Therefore, have fun while exploring virtual worlds!