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Splinter Cell
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RynnAll who have enjoyed the demo version of the game, will be delighted to hear that the full version of the action adventure has been published recently. The game, produced by Surreal Software, has a lot to offer: breathtaking graphics, a protagonist who can rival with Lara Croft easily, and an innovative idea that, except for an ancient AD&D game, cannot be found in this form on the market. For the first time, the stuff of innumerable fantasy books - the reckless ride on the back of a dragon, has led to the creation of a wonderful computer game.
In comparison with the demo version, the graphics have virtually remained unchanged. There was no need to modify them, since the graphics looked already splendid in their early state. The game supports all common 3D accelerator cards via Direct 3D. Provided that your CPU has enough power, it is (theoretically) possible to otain a resolution of up to 1600 x 1200. Besides this, the game makes use of dynamic lighting effects, realtime shadows and weather effects such as snow or rain. The viewing distance can be reduced or improved at the cost of gaming performance. Even in their beta phase, the animations of the dragon Arokh are quite impressive, who can either soar up quickly with a few beats of his mighty wings or majestically glide down into the valley with his wings extended. Only Rynn's movements could be a bit smoother.
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Drakan ArtworkDrakan's story is well enough fantasy standard: one evening, Rynn's younger brother is abducted by the Orc-like Wartoks, and Rynn is knocked down during the little skirmish. When she regains her consciousness, she limps back into her village only to learn to her horror that the brutish Wartoks have ravaged her village and killed almost the entire populace. From the heavily wounded village elder she gets the first hints what to do and embarks on her search for the long-lost dragon Aroks, who would help her mightily in her quest to rescue her brother. Cutscenes in the 3D environment or hand-drawn sequences depict the unfolding story. Now and then, Rynn or Arokh make a comment to turn the player's attention to something extraordinary in his vicinity.
During the first level, Rynn has to rely on her own prowess to get her through the huge world of Drakan. While doing so, you see your surroundings from the third-person perspective, but the angle of the camera can be temporarily altered. The game is divided into five parts with an individual set of graphics each, e.g. winter or jungle landscape. In the course of the game, Rynn picks up additional weapons (e.g. bows and swords) and accomplish several subquests. As soon as she has found her flying companion, the very air starts crackling with dazzling flashes and searing fireballs. When being some distance away from Rynn, Arokh defends himself automatically and fries every approaching enemy with his fiery breath. If the distance between Arokh and his master becomes too great, he will follow her out of his own; Rynn only has to call him, and a few moments later he lands on the nearest possible spot of free ground.
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