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Heroes of Might and Magic 3
Heroes 3The latest work from New World Computing features, apart from six cleverly designed campaigns (+ one hidden campaign) with three scenarios each, lots of single and multiplayer levels. The game can be played both via network and internet. A long intro and extro sequence as well as short cutscenes tell the story of The Restoration of Erathia, where the good Queen Catherine Ironfist has to rescue her country from impending chaos after the mysterious demise of her father.
The list of innovations compared to the second part is remarkable: 8 new city types, 16 different hero and 118 creature types including upgrades, 128 artifacts and 28 secondary skills for the heroes as well as a bunch of new spells. The game has also been updated graphically: it now supports a resolution of 800x600 with up to 65,000 colours, so that the adventure and the ombat screen have become considerably larger. Rendered graphics and new animations of the units replace the old, often hand-drawn graphics of the predecessor.
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Heroes 3




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very good

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One of the 8 townsHeroes 3 also pursues a new way concerning the gameplay. In the beginning you fight in the name of the good side, but later on you change sides and experience the story from a different point of view. At the end of one campaign, for example, you have to capture a city for one side, only to recapture it for the other side at the beginning of the next campaign. But otherwise the gameplay remains largely untouched: you still have to collect various resources that help expand your town and gather armies to fight against a cunning computer opponent to accomplish your tasks.
Moreover, the game comes along with a complex but easy-to-handle editor. After some practice, you'll be able to design clever maps for yourself, since you have access to every object and feature appearing in the original game. Due to the huge variety of available objects, it will take some time and effort before you can admire your own, self-made map. But it's fun nevertheless.
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