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02-26-2003: C&C; Generals and UT 2003 banned
C&C GeneralsAs Yahoo reports, Westwood's latest strategy game Command & Conquer: Generals is going to be banned on 28 February at the request of Germany's Ministry for Youth. As the game allows the player to make use of nerve gas or nuclear weapons, minister Renate Schmidt said: "Computer games glorifying the war such as C&C; Generals, who aim at the usage of weapons of mass destruction against defenseless beings, are wholly outrageous." This means a bitter blow for the highly praised game as it virtually prevents a future selling of the title. Also the popular shooter UT 2003 will be affected by the ban. On 1 April, the new Law for the Protection of the Youth becomes effective, introducing an obligatory rating and labelling system for computer games.

02-24-2003: New units for Warcraft III add-on
Warcraft III add-onAt the moment, Blizzard is working on the first Warcraft III add-on, subtitled The Frozen Throne. The new single-player campaign seamlessly continues the story line of the main program and features one new heroe per race as well as several new units. For example, the Human Alliance is reinforced by the "Spell Breaker" while the Night Elves can rely on the "Mountain Giant". Naturally, the program will also come along with new tilesets and new multiplayer maps. The mission disc is likely to be released in the second quarter this year.

02-24-2003: Colin 3 release date
Colin 3Although the PS2 version was released back in October last year, Codemasters are taking ample time to produce the PC version of the showpiece racing title Colin McRae Rally 3. According to the developer, the game will hit the shelves in June 2003. If Codemasters is to be believed, we can then expect the most realistic rallying game ever to be published for the PC.

02-24-2003: News from the creator of Wizardry
Dragon LordsRole-playing fans still know D.W. Bradley from the popular Wizardry series. Currently, Bradley is working for Heuristic Park at Dragon Lords, treading new paths with a mixture between role-playing game and 3D action adventure. Consequently, you are battling your opponents in real-time by making use of an arsenal of attack and defense combo moves. You can create your own heroe character and develop him with the help of an extensive skill system. Thanks to Bradley's sophisticated approach to gaming, it can be ruled out that Dragon Lords is going to be a lightweight RPG.

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